waledan2Bajidoran originated in Subang, West Java. Bajidoran refers to active fans of Kliningan Bajidoran artists. The word is said to be from the phrase BArisan JIwa DORaka (Group of rebellious people) and also the acronym of the words Banjet, Tanji, and Bodoran (Banjet = a traditional drama, Tanji = a type of traditional music with trumpet, Bodoran = comedian).

Most of the movements of Bajidoran are adopted from pencak silat. The pencak silat movements in this dance are very curved and soft, so it can show its beauty instead of its physical activity.

Usually the performances happen at night. During the performance, the sinden (singer, also known as ronggeng) will call the names of people in the audience. The rule is that anyone whose name is called must come up and give the sinden some money. Sometimes the sinden will sing a song known as lagu tilang or penalty song. It contains the names of many members of the audience, who must each pay a penalty to the sinden. Sometimes the aesthetics of the lyrics are lost because so many names have been added.

Bajidoran is now a popular entertainment, not only in Subang, but throughout West Java. Besides being fun to do, people enjoy watching it. People from all backgrounds, men, women, teenagers, old people, rich, and poor all participate.