Topeng Panji

PanjiTari Panji is the most refined dance. The motions used in this dance are very minimal; there is a great deal of stillness, yet the overall feeling is dynamic. The dance is slow, precise and graceful. Even though this dance is the most difficult dance to perform, visually it is the least exciting for audiences. Panji is a character with the innocence and simplicity of a newborn baby, yet he is also wise, self-controlled and humble.

The mask is also very simple in terms of its ornamentation; it is white and very plain, with no hair or other decorations, slanted eyes, closed lips, straight nose, and calm, downward gaze. Because of the plain design of the mask, mask makers believe it is the most difficult mask to make, because it must be made perfectly: errors cannot be camouflaged by decoration. The accompanying music Kembang Sungsang is long and difficult to play.